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Duty Free #12 w/ Carl Luis

13 October 2017
  • Dub
  • Reggae
  • Wave
  • Hypnotic
  • Uplifting

djockey Carl Luis has tightened the horse belt
galloping on the Basslines
whip it till its duty free




Wicked got to go
A Fool Say Dub
Black Black Dub
Bad Girls Part 2
Danger Commit
Poor Mans Cry Version
Guiding Star Version
What Are We Version
Kangal A Knock
Promise Dub
Kuff’n De vVersion
Country Life Version
Physical Dub
H.I.M. Dub
I am a Levi Part 2
Cheer Up Dub
Income Tax Version
Rhythm Rock
Freedom Version
Unity Dub
Sky Jack Version
9 to 5 Dub
Idi amin dub
Negus Dub
Macka Bee
Lambs Bread Collie
Strip Tease Dub