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Duty Free #20 w/ Carl Luis

22 June 2018
  • Bass Music
  • Dub
  • Reggae
  • Intense
  • Meditative

Finally Up!

from Island to Island, steppin into the woods, this episode digs in the roots and dancehalls. With lots of reverberation bubbling in the endless fountain of roots reggae.

Due to damaged needle the first minutes were not listenable. Due to the good service at Arkaoda, this was fixed fast.

Take a deep breath and listen to the sounds of the Island.



Well Pleased And Satisfied - Open The Gate Bobby Boy
linking dub
Tommy Sheakspear - Rock Stone Dub
The Happiness Unlimited Band - More Than Tongues Version
Everal Cooper - Help Out This Nation Dub
Barry Brown Drea Taking Over Version
Rod Taylor - Promised Land
Scientist - Saved By The Bell
Leggo - Brooklyn Style
Earthquake - Secret Agent
Scientist - Landing
Mighty Threes - Satta
Rockers All Stars - Harlot Feel It
Al Campbell - Jah Shine On Me
D.E.B. Music Players - Shaka The Warrior
Trinity ‎– Vampire Version
Mike Brooks - Sitting And Waiting
K.C. All Stars - Creative Dub
Sugar Minott - Rome Rome