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Duty Free #35 w/ Giovanni Dufour

19 September 2020
  • Bass Music
  • Dub
  • Reggae
  • Roots
  • Dreamy
  • Ethereal
  • Flowing
  • Playful

Giovanni Dufour maybe known from the Tropic Disco Sound System runnings, arrived fresh in Berlin this year, originally coming from Milan, Italy. He presents a vast variety of tunes, moving from his expertise roots music to digital nuggets.

Watch your head?



Banana Walk - Dub Specialist
Ranger At His Workshop - Bush Ranger
Let The World Unite - Paulette Walker
Cally Butt - Upsetters
Anti Christ - Vivian Jackson & King Tubby
Little Flute Chant - Brad Osborne & Upsetters
River - David Madden & Zap Pow
History Book pt 2 - Traffic Jam
African Dub - Black Note
Gone Is Love - Inge Larsen
No Parole - Mudie’s All Stars
Son Of Man Dub - Pablo All Stars
Chucky You No Lucky
Twinkle - Pablov Black
Good People - Ras Michael & Sons Of Negus
Do Your Thing - Tornadoes
Pantomine Rock - Glen Brown
I’ve Been Trying - Clinton Grant
Irons Version - Home T-4
Million Dub - Gussie
Unknown (Riders)
Sleeping Beauty - Robbie Lyn
Crank Angle - Peego & Fatman
Replay - Jazzbo