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Duty Free #39 w/ Carl Luis

19 July 2021
  • Dub
  • Reggae
  • Roots
  • Bass Music
  • Celebratory
  • Funky
  • Playful

Finally playing in front of people again! The beautiful Pechüler Beckenrad was hosting this vivacious two-day event in Brandenburg.

This is the live recording of both days splice in this Duty Free show. The first part is full of greedy girl, the second moves the dance forward.

Keep Duty Free

Watch out to the next one: 30.07.-01.08.

duty free beckenrand3.jpg


Billy Boyo - Run Go Call Baby Mother
Observer - One Foot Sammy
Horace Andy - Greedy Girl Dub
Gussie Prento - Chronik Dubwise
Mafia & Fluxys Goldmine Rhythm
Junior Reid - Bouncer
Skala - Dress Back
Vibes Crew - Count Basie Version
Firehouse Crew - Ragga Dub Remix
Blaka - Dub of My Flesh
Centre - Can’t Touch Jah
Junior Loves - Yantlet (Version)
Xterminator Version
Dennis Brown - Ray Symbolic Love Jah Dub Special
GRRRR - Brassica Dancehall (Unreleased)
Peter Culture - Coconut Chalwah
Pinchers - Lyrics None Stop
Follow Jaa Version
Emptiness Version
Oswald Creary - Pirates On Shore (Version)
Jeni’fah - Do for Jah
Street Dancing Version
Squiddly, Bolo, Chris - Glock War Version
Jazzwad - Virgin island Version
Sean Paul - Feeling the Vibe
The Boy is Mine 2Riddims
Junior Reid - Survival Version
Lloyd James Jnr. - G-String Riddim
D Bennett - Judgement Riddim