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The Ear Has To Travel #5 – Revisiting The Soundscape with KitKat

16 June 2016
  • Ambient
  • Experimental
  • Field Recording
  • Folk/Regional
  • Soundscape
  • Atmospheric
  • Meditative

“Imagine radio that, instead of numbing us to sound, strengthens our imagination and creativity; instead of manipulating us into faster work and more purchasing, it inspires us to invent; instead of overloading us with irrelevant information and fatiguing us, it refreshes our acoustic sensitivity; instead of moving us to ignore thoughts and surroundings, it stimulates listening; instead of broadcasting the same things over and over again, it does not repeat; instead of silencing us, it encourages us to sing or to speak, to make radio ourselves; instead of merely broadcasting at us, we listen through it.” (Hildegard Westerkamp in The Soundscape on Radio)


This special edition of The Ear Has To Travel aims to connect to the tradition of community radio and the work of the World Soundscape Project while also critiquing and updating ideas about what the concept of the soundscape means and the practices soundscape composition encompasses.

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Matteo Spanò – Cashmere Radio Ambience
Marco Lampis – Radio Atlantide
BirdWorld (Adam Teixeira and Gregor Riddell) – Valuri
Basil Theodorou – Sunday (field recording)
Stephen Sereda – Jafex
Martyna Poznańska – From here the feeder looks like a small, startled red man
C-DRIK – multiples des uns
Gregor Riddell – Zither
Stephen Sereda – Christmas Industry
Sven Lütgen – Sound Diary (18 January 2016)
Alexandre Joly – Dhruva Hovering in the Berlin Sky
A Seated Craft – Field Recordings
Gregor Riddell – Med fjør i hatten

Singing Stones

Jacob Eriksen - Meta Voices 1
Martyna Poznańska - Pneuma/ Respiratory Processes
Jacob Eriksen - Meta Voices 2
Jasmine Guffond - Navigator
Jacob Eriksen - Meta Voices 3
Gregor Pfeffer - (Singing) Stone Cold Steve Austin
Jacob Eriksen - Meta Voices 4
Lukas Grundmann - Trade Wind Pattern

Johnny Haway – Scape
Basil Theodorou – Sunday (composition)
Stephen Sereda – Mama Goes Shaloopin’
Gilles Aubry – Under the Ahwach Moon
John Oparyk – Anais Nin Blushed
Gregor Riddell – Hiraeth Dream Sequence

Manuel Senfft/ ESA – A Singing Comet