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ears of a composer #7 Some Sounds from the Moon w/ Vincent & Catnapp

14 August 2021
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In the 18th century Louis XIV hired a brass band that played a ceremony ouverture for the start of the first space rocket.

It’s raining on the moon.

In a world that only consists of sound waves a woman stumbles over a profane broom.

Vincent Wikström and I have been working on the sound world of our space opera Moonbreaker 2121.

On a sunny saturday afternoon I visit my friend Ampi AKA Catnapp to show her of our new sounds.

Catnapp will be one of 10 artists performing on Moonbreaker.

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ears of a composer 7 vincent catnapp.jpg


Nico Sauer - Space Shuttle Brass
Vincent Wikström Rain on the Moon
Nico Sauer - The Broom in the System