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Eastern Daze #11 with Land 3C

4 February 2019

LAND 3C is a multimedia project created by 4 original members: Tomas Narkevicius, Gorazd Popov, Vitalij Puzyriov and Vaida Stepanovaite, with invited artists joining different parts. The upcoming performance is created in collaboration by a visual artist Šimon Levitner.

The project has started as a commissioned performance piece for a music festival in Lithuania in 2018 and is continuing strong in exploring its potential. The performance is based on a fictional story in the future, where in a world of complete globalization an area (LAND 3C) was created from the archives of Eastern European heritage. The overall project aim is defining the present cultural context of the region that is going through current globalized condition as well as its Soviet past. It also reflects the fetishization and exotification of the region’s vast heritage that is pushed by people who don’t share the similar socio-cultural history. In the future, LAND 3C is going to expand as a collective and an audiovisual platform, to focus on re-owning the regional Eastern heritage also exploring the problematics, and re-inspiring the perception of its forms.


All music featured by LAND 3C and Goro.

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