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Eastern Daze #18 Liminal Budapest by BARTR

11 November 2019
  • Ambient
  • Collage
  • Field Recording
  • Atmospheric
  • Cinematic
  • Dreamy

‘Liminal Budapest’ is an hour-long podcast inspired by soundscape art projects worldwide to record and interpret specific places and spaces via the natural sounds that give them their fingerprints. The material for this piece was recorded across Budapest in October 2019 – including an old industrial area full of rusty machines, underground venues, streets corners – as part of the BARTR artist-in-residence programme. The recordings were made over a series of field recording sessions lead by myself.

BARTR is an annual artist-in-residence program that invites artists from a range of disciplines to work with print and audio focussed artists and collectives in Budapest. This session hosts 13 artists from 12 countries who work with sound, print, paint, installation, and the moving image.

Mastered by: Jun Suzuki

Photo by: Alana Aphoy

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Malaika Sujeet - Sounds Like Budapest
Anna Teiche - Rinse Cycle
Neve Dickson - Sedrik
Patryk Daszkiewicz -
Alana Aphoy - I'm Not Lost, I Just Don't Know Where I'm Going
Ulysse Mayoud - Vazardog
Natalia Sajewicz - Hungarian Phrase Book
Jun Suzuki - Életciklus
Matthieu Levet - Lisa's Saxophone
Shon Kim - The Ascension
Jen Iskow - Lift To Lemuria
Poppy Robinson - Upon a Threshold