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Eastern Daze #20 with Amek Collective

06 January 2020
  • Ambient
  • Experimental
  • Drone
  • Noise
  • Melancholy

“we book artists that we want to see live. sometimes we release music.” Is how Sofia’s Amek Collective succinctly describe their activities. There’s more to it of course. Their sonic output ranges from ambient, drone, dub, post/club, the darker recesses of electronic music. Their promoting activities are equally important, and over the years they have booked the likes of Nadja, Aidan Baker, thisquietarmy etc across the Bulgarian capital. Surviving Eastern Europe since 2008 is another of their mottos, and it just about describes the modus operandi of music/activists/venues functioning on shoestring budgets largely from donations or community support. DIY or DIE, as they say. Label boss Angel Simitchiev has prepared an overview of the label’s output, a haunting, darkish voyage across scenic sonics.


amek x easterndaze.JPG


01. Omori - Deeper Dive
02. V-Stók - Glacier
03. Cyberian - Migrene
04. Valance Drakes - A Shared Chalice (ft. Surachai) 05. Nocktern - Mind Over Heart
06. Ergomope - 173°C
07. Environments - Gradient
08. Conjecture - Σάρκα
09. Vague Voices - Damage Field
10. LATE - Channel Drift
11. Maxim Anokhin & Ivan Shopov - Angela
12. Slit In Slot - Опитомен от вятър. пясъци. метеж 13. Daniel Donchov - Sleep