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Eastern Daze # 21 with Gjorgji Janevski

3 February 2020

Selection of 6 extracts from live improvised sessions, recorded between 2017 and 2019, prepared by Skopje’s Gjorgji Janevski (connected to the now legendary Skopje radio Kanal 103). From the underground garages to the mountain hut, music and friendship tuned on slightly different altitudes.  

Artwork: Filip Velkovski – Dancers (Linocut)

Skopje, Macedonia 2020


Kula Kolektiv - Shutofonija (Turning metal waste into sound at the “It’s Easier To Breathe Underground” festival)
Stylish Nonsense (from Bangkok, Thailand) – Live at Kanal 103 radio
PAZZO & TASCIO – Another Saturday night at the attic
Aleksandar Nikov, Marko Krojac and Ivan Trajcev meeting for the first time at Kanal 103
Mnemonic45 & Friends – Sounds with a view (Art Residency Papradiste)
Joana Risteska & Aleksandar Nikov – Planetarium Session

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