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Eastern Daze #25 with Mappa and the phenomenologies of listening

25 May 2020

The always excellent label mappa, based in southern Slovakia, is focused on various approaches to sound derived from phenomenologies of listening, related to everyday acoustic landscapes, sound diaries, sound cartography, (bed)room experiments and contemporary composition. Founded by music theorist Jakub Juhás, psychology student Zoltán Czakó – both of whom are from Southern Slovakia in 2016, they were fascinated by the reception of music, environment and silence as the antithesis to the omnipresent aural pollution of today’s world.

This mix was put together by JJ and Ján Solčáni.


1. Sarah Hughes - I love this city and its outlying lands
2. Sébastien Branche - Lignes de Fuite II
3. IQ+1 - It's Twenty Minutes To Twelve
4. Vlad Dobrovolski - Laguna Fosforescente
5. Grykë Pyje - Landing On Sacred Ground
6. Grykë Pyje - Home Brewed Bewitchment
7. Grykë Pyje - Shrunken Friends From Tiny Dens
8. IQ+1 - Sofa
9. Olli Aarni - Ontot luut
10. Felicity Mangan - Time Flys
11. K_R_ - IX
12. K_R_ - X
13. Grykë Pyje - A Glitch In The Jungle
14. Olli Aarni - Syvenevä vihreä
15. Roman Radkovič Collective - Neubližte koňům

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