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Eastern Daze # 27 with Oramics – Eastern European music scenes

14 September 2020

This time, we are hosting a 2-hour talk show dedicated to Eastern European underground music scenes, hosted by the Polish collective Oramics. An essential part of Oramics’ mission is supporting excluded minorities and electronic music artists from our region: Eastern and Central Europe. To celebrate Oramics’ 3rd anniversary we would like to talk about strategies that could strengthen the cooperation between the scenes in post-communist countries. In spite of many differences we are united by the experience of the economic transformation and the difficulty of equal exchange with the so-called “West”. The economic gap and a limited ability to travel contribute to the marginalization of the scenes and artists from the so-called Eastern Bloc (including Central and Eastern Europe, the Balkan region and Caucasus). What are the problems that promoters and clubs face in these post-pandemic times? How can we contribute to higher visibility of artists from the East?


– Łukasz Warna-Wiesławski (Tańce), PL

– Lucia Kagramanyan (Panorama Yerevan), AM

– Dragana Dobrić (Drugstore Beograd), SRB

– Ernestas Sadau (Digital Tsunami), LT

– Erik Kolbenheyer (EXILES), HU

– Kostia Lipiavko (Аб’ект), BY

– Nina Hudej (Ustanova), SLO

– Bodya Konakov (ШЩЦ), UA

Moderated by me (aka Lucia Udvardyova)

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