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Eastern Daze #29 Avant Art festival report part 1

9 November 2020

The 2020 Edition of Avant Art Festival took place in late September, amid the COVID-19 pandemic this year’s edition featured exclusively Polish artists. I met with artists of both the classically and intuitively trained varieties. Through a variety of experimentation, improvisation and delicate curation they explored what music meant in 2020 and we discussed how a festival as such could continue to preserve collective foundations in Poland’s Art Industry while advancing forward in the face of shifting paradigms of division and uncertainty.

By Hayden Potter

Mixed by Lucia Udvardyova

Cover art by Nikita Krzyżanowska


BNNT – Filth and Mud
BNNT – Middle West [Through The Grave]
BNNT – Imagine you are falling but there is no ground
BNNT – Through The Grave
Julek ploski premium – ja afta
Julek ploski premium – ja tata
Julek ploski premium - ja wszystko
Maciej Maciągowski – TITLED
Maciej Maciągowski - NITRYLEX CLASSIC SWAG
Julek ploski premium – ja osoba ktorej nie lubiei
Julek ploski premium – ja czlowiek
Julek ploski premium – ja mama
Julek ploski premium – My Music
Maciej Maciągowski - ARPENDIX87

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