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Eastern Daze #32 Szűzmario’s metal mix

1 February 2021

Szűzmario is a mysterious figure of the Budapest underground. A stonemason, artist, curator and an avid record collector, with an affinity for harsher, darker genres like grindcore and metal, as well as noise and drum’n’bass. After witnessing his epic grindcore set at 10am on the top of a hill in rural Hungary once, following an all night free party, I invited him to create something during lockdown, at his historical home in Budapest. The result is a visceral journey through darker recesses of metal from all around the world, mixed largely from 7-inch vinyl. Let the darkness reign.

Artwork: Balázs Rozmán


jack - Ecloga (Hungary)
Haemorrhage - Treasures Of Anatomy (Spanish)
Isacaarum - Twat Machine Gun (Czech)
Cryptic Void - Encounter The Shadow (USA)
Cut Your Throat - Unreal Hypertension (Greece)
Alea Iacta Est - túl késő (Slovakia)
Bombatölcsér - Your (Czech)
Meth Leppard - Vulgar Taste (Australia)
Alea Iacta Est - Sebek (Slovakia)
Fromtheashes - Blame The Victim (Sweden)
Death Squadron - The Will Of The Conqueror (Spain)
Humus - Davanti Ai Nostri Occhi (Italy)
Plague Bearer - Unholy Black Satanic Warmetal (USA)
Fetus Eaters - You Hate I (USA)
The Satan's Scourge - Aeons Of Total Destruction (Argentina)
Terror Firmer - Thrash Against Trash (Italy)
Katastrofialue - Taivaasta Roskiin (Finland)
Ancestral Fog - Von (France)
Bloodshed - Laughter Of Destruction (Swedish)
Black Altar - The Return (Poland)
Isänmaa - Siva(Tuho) (Finland)
Almighty Sathanas - Black Liturgies Of Sathanas (Greece)
Envenom - Christfukk (Kuala Lumpur)
Daemonlord - Aarstrand, My World (Spanish)
Katastrofialue - Taivaasta Roskiin (Finland)
Mass Collapse - Need Your Freedom (Japan)
Excruciate 666 - Guerre Jusqu'à La Mort (France)
Excruciate 666 - Barbarian (France)
Exterminate - War Apokaliptic Vengeance (Chile)
Satan's Almighty Penis - Sacrifyx (USA)
Deathchurch - Unsilent Hate Anthem (Japan)
Penis Geyser - Stop Playing The Instruments Of Your Own Destruction (USA)

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