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Eastern Daze #34 with Amek x Vaagner

29 March 2021

Let’s immerse ourselves in a collaborative mix by Sofia-based label Amek and Berlin-based imprint Vaagner. This will be a continuation of their cooperation as part of the Easterndaze x Berlin project, where they are participating with a split tape and zine. “An Embrace” is a mutual undertaking which aims to create a bridge between two communities from different cultural environments in Eastern and Western Europe, by pairing artists from the respective regions into four duos. The collaborative process took place largely online, due to the ongoing pandemic, over zoom calls, emails, etc. The final results were compiled and presented as a joint release of Amek and Vaagner, comprising both a limited edition cassette tape, and an accompanying zine – formats that have been the key element of DIY labels and initiatives for many decades.

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