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Eastern Daze #4 Bratislava

02 April 2018
  • Soundscape
  • Field Recording
  • Experimental
  • Melancholy
  • Gritty

Bratislava – the little big city, as the tourist board calls it. Slovakia’s capital, lingering somewhere between the past and the present, is best encapsulated by a view from its iconic castle with four towers. When you climb up, a huge concrete plain unravels in front of your eyes. Petržalka, one of the largest concrete block estates in Central Europe, with the otherwordly UFO tower dominating the view. The city has undergone rapid development since 1989, with turbo-capitalism swiftly replacing communism in the 1990s, the remnants of both can still be witnessed in the city’s topography. Hungry developers keep eyeing up yet another piece of urban landscape. Recently, the city has experienced an awakening of civic conscioussness in the wake of the murder of an investigative journalist and his fiancee and its political implications, with massive protests taking place in the city centre every week.

The city’s experimental music scene is thriving, marked by a diverse and tightly-knit music community. On this episode of the Easterndaze show, we’ll talk to two of the scene’s most active protagonists: musician, DJ, promoter and cultural activist Andrej Kabal and sound artist and instrument developer Jonáš Gruska.






Image: http://somethinginherramblings.com/



1. Hlukar - Volali ho Albin Horvath / Ears Chewing Satisfunction V​/​A | [​/​] no. 38 (Urbsounds)
2. Jonáš Gruska - Hlavná Pošta Bratislava / Kvílenia Bratislavy (Sonospace)
3. Jeph Jerman - 11-07 / 34°111'3-N 111°95'4-W (Mappa)
4. Jacques Kustod - Bizarre Space Objects / I am Deranged (Evocative Objects)
5. Jacques Kustod – Daytripper / I am Deranged (Evocative Objects)
6. Jonáš Gruska - Električky from ants perspective / Kvílenia Bratislavy
7. RBNX - In the room / Ears Chewing Satisfunction V​/​A | [​/​] no. 38 (Urbsounds)
8. Jamka - Derazor / Inter Alia (Urbsounds)
9. BZGRL - Ono Sendai (unreleased)
10. Jonáš Gruska – Spev Cvrčka (Spevy)
11. Jonáš Gruska - Električky / Kvílenia Bratislavy (Sonospace)
12. Jonáš Gruska – Spomalený protest (unreleased)
13. Pretty Old Sound - Side A (Evocative Objects)