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Eastern Daze #55 From Montreal’s noise scene to Budapest’s churches (Blake Hargreaves)

25 March 2024
  • Talk Show
  • Traditional/Religious
  • Atmospheric

I have caught up with Blake Hargreaves in his flat located in the centre of Budapest. He relocated to the Hungarian capital during the eerie, claustrophobic times of the Covid pandemic, and this geographical change has been accentuated by his increasing interest in researching churches and organs. Not only theoretically, but also in practice: playing these venerable instruments wherever he can, immersing himself in the sacred & profane. In his previous musical guise, he was active on the Montreal noise scene, performing with several bands, and having releases on labels including Not Not Fun, American Tapes, Ecstatic Peace!, Ultra Eczema, and more.

He is currently working on a film dedicated to organs, as well as publishing podcasts and updates on the topic, which you can check out here.


Blake at Nitsch.png