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Eastern Daze #6 with Radio Nuda & sounds of Prague

28 May 2018
  • Oddities
  • Psych
  • Radiophonic
  • Soundscape
  • Mystical
  • Ethereal

RKZ is a Prague-based underground sonic activist. He organizes events, makes and plays music. Always on the liminal edges of cultural life, both literally and figuratively, as a Parisian living and working in the Czech capital. He organizes the Prague Headphone Festival, an open platform for audio enthusiasts and also creates experimental radio shows entitled Radio Nuda, Radio Boredom, which you are about to hear, preceded by Prague field recordings from the Radio Aporee project.




O Reche Modo - +++++

Dominique Guiot - La danse des méduses

Matka G. - Plesnivý nápoj opilý snů s plesnivými sny

cOLiQue - IIII (split vs/Vomir)

Ros Sereysothea - Chnam oun Dop-Pram Muy


Christian Prigent - Liste des langues

Harmonia & Eno - Lunaburg Heath

Kateb Yacine - Les religions esquintent tout le monde

Marvin Live at La Miroiterie, Paris 2007


Merry Crisis - KKKP

Wilhem Matthies - Crumbling walls

Annnabelle Verhaeghe - Le pouvoir

Allison Cameron - 14 sea tomatoes

Cremosity - Opressor

Suicidal Rap orgy - Blood Fart

Erkki Kurenniemi // ?


Yol Aularong - Cyclo

Muddy Waters - Herbert’s Harper

Black House - Numerology

mix (with Jacques Brodier’s track ..)

Annette Peacok - I’m the one