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Eastern Daze #7 Atavist Special

25 June 2018

On this episode of our Eastern Daze show, we host a special mix by Nikola Vitkovic, a musician and sonic activist based in Belgrade. As a musician he’s been involved in several projects over the decades. He’s also released a compilation of 90s outsider music from Serbia on his now-defunct label NAUK. The mix you’re about to hear, an Atavist special inspired by his radio shows on Popskotch Radio, features exclusive material from live sessions, and atavistic music in general: dull, primitive and rude industrial, power catatronics and monotony, Without traces of techno, ambient or noise, without placing importance on style, origin, context, genre, tradition or ideology. Several atavistic bands – mostly from Belgrade – have contributed their exclusive “primitive” recordings to the show, and this podcast contains some of their excerpts. There are also some hard to find gems from Serbia in the mix (more info in the tracklist)


0. [intro]

1. stove ballad [excerpt, uncredited party recording, SR]

2. dr fuzz - robot iz milicije [SR]

3. veli-matti o äijälä - alhaalla maan alla

4. etat brut - marche 2

5. thee wand - test ov eyes iii

6. franz hospiz - deforming cells

7. 1012 - audiog999 [atavist exclusive, SR]

8. grim - glorious tower

9. apator - clock strikes cancer

10. das kombinat - der regen

11. t. kamada - cell

12. ludo engels - untitled

13. [excerpt, uncredited recording at ni ljudi ni muzike party, possibly containing etat brut and antitelo, SR]

14. [unknown, red phoenix tapes, SR]

15. the new me - clark park after dark

16. nike eyes [excerpt, atavist exclusive, SR]

17. crimson cream - the solifugae nest 1 [SR / DE]

18. makule - boze smrade [rehersal recording, SR]

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