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Eastern Daze #8 with Fausto Mercier

15 October 2018

Fausto Mercier is the solo project of Roland Nagy, a young producer and sound artist based in Hungary, whose album was released on Budapest-based experimental staple Exiles in 2017. His work is marked by an affinity for soundscapes and a certain cinematic structuring of sonic textures. Fausto Mercier depicts a tense and organic world where micro-sounds cross path with slices of noise, tied together by a highly textured and granular force field. The mix he has prepared for our show is macabre and tense, with sharp dynamics and a narrative that haunts and captivates.


1___Mumdance & Logos - Cold
2___Emptyset - Disperse
3___Vortex Count - Convex Polyhedrom A
4___Abadil - GhEL_Man (Fausto Mercier Remix)
5___Ap Hel - 10–Intransit–3(night out)
6___Mike Nylons - Patkányopera
8___Killawatt - Meiotic Drive
9___Vortex Count - Decrease Gradually (Fausto Mercier Remix)
10__Hecq - Steeltongued
11__Hecq - Hypnos I (Distant Fires)
12__Nathan Fake - Fell

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