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Eastern Daze #9: Easterndaze x Berlin festival with Natalie Gravenor and Andras G Varga

24 November 2018

Beyond folklore clichés and Cold War discourse, below the radar of the taste-making music press, DIY, alternative, independent music scenes are thriving in Central and Eastern Europe. Since 2010, Easterndaze has explored and mapped local DIY scenes operating in a digital realm, introducing the creative personalities and collectives behind them to provide context. The concert & film screening series Easterndaze × Berlin: DIY Music Topographies follows up on the first edition in 2016, by presenting music collectives from Eastern Europe, pairing each of them with groups from Berlin’s diverse DIY scenes in the name of collective spirit and communal effort. It takes place between 28 November and 1 December at several important Berlin arts and music venues. The festival exemplifes a decentralized curatorial model—the lineup of individual each event is curated by the collectives themselves. We talk to Natalie Gravenor and Andras G Varga, who curated one of the nights of the festival.

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Wrong Water – Cotton
B.yhzz - Air That Was Around
Mlin Patz - live at Meakusma.
Chillera - Schax
Bryozone - Juicy Quiddity
ASTMA - unreleased
Easterndaze x Berlin: Total Black x EXILES x T+U compilation premiere:
nullius in verba feat. Lynette Cerezo (Bestial Mouths) - I Saw Death
Purgate _ Entertainment - Container
Fausto Mercier - Daze 1

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