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Elope #14 Kante with Elena Poulou – elect to look over – Kante in der Mitte .Steel cities

03 November 2020
  • Soundscape
  • Spoken Word
  • Collage
  • Traditional/Religious
  • Electronic
  • Sincere

Signals from Luxembourg and 4000 thousand beats to ease us into lockdown and look up.

Bomb Sniffing Dogs ACID ZOO premiere with remixes by Leyland Kirby, Christoph De Babalon and Posh Isolation.

Elope 14 - Edited.jpg


Bomb Sniffing Dogs - The National + Christoph De Babalon, remix of Bomb Sniffing Dogs- Icke Age
Alan Dunn and Derek Beaulieu - Drowned out by traffic noise
Kool Keith(Tashan Dorrsett) & DJ Junkaz Lou - live in Paris
Jay Dee and Frank'n'Dank -Take Them Clothes Off
Adult Entertainment - Banned From My Country
Adult Entertainment - Lick If You Like The Line
Elope radio session recorded in Sheffield Oct 2020
Hieroglyphic Being - This Is A Terrible Place (A Synthetic Love affair 2)
The Luxembourg Signal - Mourning Moon
GES (faitiche records) -TheCooCooBird
Caesar Von Schnitzler - Zenit
Friends Of Gas - La Palma
Bass Clef - Two Havens
Bass Clef - One Tree Island
Tara Clerkin Trio - In The Room
Lille Cykel (Posh Isolation) remix of Bomb Sniffing Dogs - The National +
Leyland Kirby - Bomb Sniffing Dogs remix of Black Pool
Alan Dunn and Derek Beaulieu - Drowned out by traffic noise
A. Kostis - Isouna Xipoliti (you were barefoot)
A. Kostis - Kaike to sholio (the school burned down)
Mr Oizo - France 7