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Elope #17 “House of Euro” beneluxourious bass post Brexit jolters

26 January 2021

Lockerdoor poster people making musical connections and bulding a new bridge –

New beat VHS tapes and the essence of Us by A Made Up Sound plus spanking new tracks by James Marss –

sheep from Greece and a new type of music from the Ukraine. We cannot take a taxi, but we can taxi on.

Low points become mountains with Alan Dunn.


Erotique New Beat - Tuning Off

Powell - Acid always equal to the base (pigeon trk)

Sophie Sleigh-Johnson - Carrier Bag Guide_ Dimensions

Bizz O.D. & Nerk - Come On

University Challenged - Choppers Over Negril

Bhajan Boy - Cascade

Panos Panopoulos, Yorgos Samantas - Αριά, ξημέρωμα/ Αriá, Dawn

Distortion Exhibition -как прекрасно, что мнение можно не разделять" / "how wonderful that opinions can be different"

Wagon Christ - Bleep Me Out

Wagon Christ - Same Ol', Same Ol' Recording (excerpt)

Kool Keith / DJ Junkaz Lou - Alvin Kelly

Kool Keith / DJ Junkaz Lou - Blast

James Marrs (feat. Debonair) - Golf Course  By The Sea (out soon on

The Girls - Here I Am In Love Again

Vanessa Paradis - Joe Le Taxi

Pyrolator - Gespräch Mir Der Erde

Alan Dunn/ eleni poulou - Mountains (will be released in February)

Hainbach - Dynamo

James Marrs - Identity Management and Speed (will be released soon on

A Made Up Sound - Us (Clone Basement Archive)

Wladimir M (Skee Mask remix) - Evil

Mark E. Smith - Carry Bag Man (on stage recording by Safy Sniper) - home tape - unreleased

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