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Elope #18 pre-pretty w/ elena poulou self-meditating-posture improvement/loss management

23 February 2021
  • Bass Music
  • Traditional/Religious
  • Reggae
  • Indie
  • Electronic
  • Soulful
  • Celebratory
  • Sincere

pre-pretty and pre-party excavation of the blossoms you know.

New Mouse on Mars and sleeping mimosas. Made-up languages. Let them speak to you, too.



Prince Jazzbo - Straight To I Roy Head
Inizial - you
Tom Boogizm - Rat Heart 1
The Better Beatles - I'm Down
The Better Beatles - Penny Lane
Stereo Total - Wir Tanzen im Viereck
Christos Chondropoulos - Observations On Meaningless Songtitles
Christos Chondropoulos - On Nature
Marika Papagika - Bra'i'la
Mr. Oizo - Oral Sax
U Roy Interview
Ninja Ford - Sit Inna Your Face Like Chair
Mouse On Mars - Artifial Authentic
The Fall - 50 Year Old Man
The Soundcarriers - Boiling Point
Jetstream Pony - Grief Of A (Frozen) Sailor
Space Africa - Dairyday 4
Hieroglyphic Being -The Definition Of Passion
Hieroglyphic Being - Augmented Emotions
Seesselberg - Synthetik 1. (excerpt)
Trans X - Vivre Sur Video