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Elope #20 Buttercup – put it under your chin and shine

20 April 2021
  • Traditional/Religious
  • Hip Hop
  • Modern Classical
  • House
  • Synth Pop
  • Sincere

buttercups, the indicator of love and affection, not just for grocers. whistle while you work it.

Der Plan are back as well, and springing in action.

It is all called for.



Nikolaienko - Two Rings
Marske - Gaps
The Eccentronic Research Council - Andrew's Dream
Scholly D - Gucci Time
Roxanne Shante talking about The Bridge Is Over
Keith West - Grocer Jack (Excerpt From A Teenage Opera)
Wolfgang Seidel - Music For Escalators
Risque III - Essence Of A Dream
Der Plan - I Can Love
Die Welttraumforscher - Zuckerbäckerbrigade
The Fall - Rebellious Jukebox
Tik Dance/ ΧΟΡΟΣ ΤΙΚ (με τουλούμι) - Ποντιακό τραγούδι Ματσούκας https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qWyevU3uk3s
Tik Aggeio /Τρομερο > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5LQcth2LnuU
Igor Stravinsky: Le sacre du printemps / The Rite of Spring - Jaap van Zweden