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Elope #22 guesting: What Comes To Mind:Live From Costa Coffee / Broken Needles mix

13 July 2021
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What Comes To Mind is an extraordinary radio show by Hannah Marine and Dani Smith. I am delighted to be able to listen to this show again…

I also keep returning to this one https://rtm.fm/listen/what-comes-to-mind/what-comes-to-mind-2jan21/ – genius.

Rhese shows and collaborations kept me going in lockdown and beyond.


please join us for What Comes to Mind – Live from Costa Coffee , commissioned by Laura Lies In as part of their NOODS takeover.

its a truly pumpkin spiced edition of WC2M featuring new contributions from Ju Canon, Tara Clerkin, Cole Denyer, Eleni Poulou, Philip Serfaty (Black Tower Broadcasts), and Tim and Simon Wolf. we hope you can join us in spirit from a costa coffee near you.


Plus a Special Guest Mix by the acclaimed artist

Thomas Baldischwyler:

Broken Needles Mix!

A Golden Pudel mix I think…

Thomas is witty and sharp.

He brightens our lives every day with his art and his words.

And his mixes—–



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