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Elope: Dream and weather report; elope half circle around the globe

21 April 2020
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elope in/into your dreams during this April is the cruelest month snaphot of cut up news and Imodium.

Today I woke up to a friend telling the dream took our fear away and went to sleep with another friend telling me more dream details,

no reports of levitation dreams yet.

Cut-up news of 80s Britain, gathered gazes through walls, and real news making songs like Black Pool, the lake that was dyed black in North England to deter swimmers.

From Kenya to Japan and Israel via Portugal, Cornwall,Salford, London and New York we stay in another day

pondering how to embellish street view with new people or how to simulate a sand dune video,

singing along and dancing alone.

The captain still sounds off, in this new world.



Joe Meek - I Hear A New World

Suicide - Radiation

Bomb Sniffing Dogs - Black Pool https://bombsniffingdogs.bandcamp.com/track/black-pool

Christoper R. Watson - News Cut-Up 2/5/1981 (from The Men With Deadly Dreams compilation)

Kamaru - Rubberloops

Stellarays - Fissarmonica Della Nostalgia

Wild Daughter - Bed Bugs

Cole Denyer - April (5 new poems)

Cam Deas - Refrains 3 (OTO sphere Part One)

Bizz OD/ Jimi Tenor - Girls (edit)

Han Ishiki Teki - Yemen

Captain Beefheart - Moonlight On Vermont

By The Sea - You're The Only One
The Fall - Weather Report 2

Wiredfoxterrier - Weather Report

Momus - Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous