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Elope Dynamo Dreesen kaleidoscoped w/ me. Healing some, interrupting Mills and mountains.

28 January 2020
  • Traditional/Religious
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  • Wintery
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  • Mystical
  • Meditative

Dynamo Dreesen kaleidoscoped with me, interrupts Mills and mountains.

Catch him in full flow soon live or on Cashmere! he even brought a Max Goldt record

that Paule only knew without guitars. What do we know without guitars? A full pull out

and some healing music with different ways and one result. Where will the electricity go?

And of course, some Irdial, one of our common denominators.

After 8 and after midnight surprises and the first outing of YIU.

Immer Neue Musik by Jack Booth and me.


Come and meet mote friends who work together through the night towards the June hit:


Audio Video Live Performances

Plus stationery shop talk

Recycling Plastic Inevitable (RPI)

Theresa Patzschke, Eleni Poulou, Martin Ebner, Sebastian Luetgert

Wild Style Lion (Khan of Finland and Philipp Virus)

Gina D’Orio

Dabbs Anderson

Caesar Von Schnitzler


Friday the 7th of February, 21 h,

West Germany

Skalitzer Str.

U 8 Kottbusser Tor


Likeminded hard working

Dreesen deserves more space and time to blossom on radio, check his show soon.

Thank you Dreesen! Thank you Matteo, Giacomo and Daniel, and happy birthday to Lizzie

who brings 96 smiles to Berlin every day.

Dreesen used to have a regular monthly event at Ohm, and offered it to me when he swiched to ACUD,

because he is a generous person.

But I wanted to have events with DJs and bands… so..one day perhaps!

Coincidentally, he will play live at Ohm on Saturday the 8th of February.

It is an unusual event for Ohm,the best club in Berlin perhaps, a film screening!

Nostalgia alert. Marl Leckey’s Fiorucci made me hardcore.

I always wanted to do a movie with Alex and who used to work at Ohm, and Hanna Schygulla,


SVN, Dynamo Dreesen live with the great PG


and PLO Man.





first track Vitamin B12
last track YIU -Mr Kajiro

full list to follow