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Elope From MRI scans to the infinity room.

10 September 2019

From MRI scans to the infinity room. With Greek widows who sell watermelons. Or do they?

Obligatory Irdial records airing cupboard. Actually a show about conceptual writing.

At the end there was The R

and the last songtitle is missing an R. The letters found their place.


A Made Up Sound - Night Owl

An Infinity Room - White On White

Sonotanotampenz - Palm Tree

Anthony Manning - Untitled (The Electric Family - Mariopaint - Irdial Discs

NOHE NOSHE - Rescue (on bandcamp!)

MRI Scan Sound - YouTube, user Pandanurse

The Caretaker - Synapse Retrogenesis (Everywhere At The End Of Time Stage 5)

Andi Toma - Damn Luei Lit

eleni poulou - Don't Marinate Me

Stellakis Perpiniadis - Tis Hiras To Karpouzi

N.M.O. - Nassau Molasses Office / Deutsch Am Fuss

Busen - Buhnen (General Elektro)

A Made Up Sound - Cheater VIP

Jean Cocteau - Strip-tease et Poésie

HGich.T - Der Haken

A Made Up Sound - Funkstation

..midnight break.. then the show continues...

Bader Motor - Je Pleure Une Lotte 49 (radio edit)

Quelle Chris - Buddies

eleni poulou - intro 44

Kool Keith - Earth People

Jean Grae & Quelle Chris - My Contribution To This Scam

Geto Boyz - My Mind Is Playing Tricks On Me

Kool Keith - You Can't Go Outside

Evelyn Waugh -

Wrangler - Alpha Omega

Antonis Dalgas - Eleni Elenara

Stratos Bichakis - Kortsopon Lal'me (Road Song) - Trabzon

Marika Papagika - Elenaki

Seesselberg - Was Dir Heute Freude Macht, Das Verschieb Nicht Über Nacht!

Spacemole - Untitled .. again: The Electric Family - Mariopaint Irdial Discs

Eric B and Rakim - The R

The Fall - Taurig (rough mix with vocals up) song about Nicolai Wallner's present

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