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Elope From MRI scans to the infinity room.

10 September 2019
  • Arts & Culture
  • Avant-Garde
  • Bass Music
  • Collage
  • Field Recording
  • Playful
  • Informative
  • Delicate

From MRI scans to the infinity room. With Greek widows who sell watermelons. Or do they?

Obligatory Irdial records airing cupboard. Actually a show about conceptual writing.

At the end there was The R

and the last songtitle is missing an R. The letters found their place.



A Made Up Sound - Night Owl

An Infinity Room - White On White

Sonotanotampenz - Palm Tree

Anthony Manning - Untitled (The Electric Family - Mariopaint - Irdial Discs

NOHE NOSHE - Rescue (on bandcamp!)

MRI Scan Sound - YouTube, user Pandanurse

The Caretaker - Synapse Retrogenesis (Everywhere At The End Of Time Stage 5)

Andi Toma - Damn Luei Lit

eleni poulou - Don't Marinate Me

Stellakis Perpiniadis - Tis Hiras To Karpouzi

N.M.O. - Nassau Molasses Office / Deutsch Am Fuss

Busen - Buhnen (General Elektro)

A Made Up Sound - Cheater VIP

Jean Cocteau - Strip-tease et Poésie

HGich.T - Der Haken

A Made Up Sound - Funkstation

..midnight break.. then the show continues...

Bader Motor - Je Pleure Une Lotte 49 (radio edit)

Quelle Chris - Buddies

eleni poulou - intro 44

Kool Keith - Earth People

Jean Grae & Quelle Chris - My Contribution To This Scam

Geto Boyz - My Mind Is Playing Tricks On Me

Kool Keith - You Can't Go Outside

Evelyn Waugh -

Wrangler - Alpha Omega

Antonis Dalgas - Eleni Elenara

Stratos Bichakis - Kortsopon Lal'me (Road Song) - Trabzon

Marika Papagika - Elenaki

Seesselberg - Was Dir Heute Freude Macht, Das Verschieb Nicht Über Nacht!

Spacemole - Untitled .. again: The Electric Family - Mariopaint Irdial Discs

Eric B and Rakim - The R

The Fall - Taurig (rough mix with vocals up) song about Nicolai Wallner's present