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Elope Honey-Suckle Company “Omnibus” retrospective at the ICA London show 2019/2020

20 July 2019
  • Ambient
  • Arts & Culture
  • Avant-Garde
  • Bass Music
  • Collage
  • Dreamy
  • Celebratory
  • Ethereal
  • Euphoric
  • Hypnotic


Honey-Suckle Company is encouraging everybody to tape their own identity, now more than ever, as groups and collaborations are a way to create and convey a message in this world of networks and isolation.

Healing music, immersive films, Brexit holographs, self-playing instrument group NEUBAND, clothes and videos that show the founding and ongoing spirit and intent,

and also the life of the members and collaborators of Honey-Suckle Company.

It documents past experiences and allows glimpses of the future in Materia Prima,

a room that is a vision of nothingness


..so everyone who enters it feels full of wonder,



and relaxed.

New and old healing methods with

NOHE NOSHE and Konrad Sprenger,

also a live recording of

Jeans Team at the ICA,

more gems from the past 25 years from Batterie On-Off,

Doc Schoko, Zen Faschisten and their contemporaries.



And a wonderful recording of Air And Water (London).



Honey-Suckle Company ansd Konrad Sprenger - Odessau

Jeans Team - OM RAPS - live at the ICA London as part of the "Omnibus" exhibition in October 2019

NOHE NOSHE with Konrad Sprenger live - at the at the group exhibition "Groups" with Cashmere Radio and many other art groups at

Kunstverein Braunschweig 21.06.2019

Batterie On-Off - Umpf 1995

Batterie On-Off- Techno 1995

Batterie On-Off - Power Art (HSC also play without Captain Space Sex as Batterie On-Off) 1995

eleni poulou - Oscar Wilde, The Happy Prince excerpt

NOHE NOSHE - Magen Darm (will be on the upcoming Cashmere Radio bandcamp compilation)

SimGil - Air And Water (London) 1999

Captain Space Sex - Astrorocker

Captain Space Sex - Elektrosmog live at Friseur, Berlin, 1996, soundtrack by Captain Space Sex for a Honey-Suckle Company happening at Friseur, 1996

Jeans Team - Asphaltvibrator, live at the ICA as part of the "Omnibus" exhibition in October 2019
Interview questions

Jeans Team - Moara Mea 2005 with Silke-Sonja Müller

Doc Schoko -Morgen Bin Ich Wieder Da 2018

Konrad Sprenger - Opening (2017, PAN records)

Neuband with Konrad Sprenger 2006

Seesselberg - Speedy Ahmed (Verhaltensanweisung 1973)

Fanal - In Sie Hinein 2008 (Sonig)

Zen Faschisten - T.V. 1995 (Finlayson Records)

Jovan Tsaous, Stellakis Perpiniadis - Mia Mikroula 1936

Nico's Anruf

Batterie On-Off - Hallo My Friends 90s

Beat Happening - Honey Pot 1985? (K records)

Honey-Suckle Company with Konrad Sprenger - Ohnend (Cubitt Gallery London) 2005