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Elope indoor elopement into our communal 4 walls

24 March 2020
  • Arts & Culture
  • Collage
  • Electronic
  • Experimental
  • Hip Hop
  • Ethereal
  • Hypnotic
  • Informative
  • Meditative

first elope indoors session with me and extra after midnight b2b with DJ Bleed

with sounds and words sent on this day from friends the world over

who eloped with us into their rooms. War/healing/reorganisation/acceptance/non-acceptance.

to built up our immunesystems and feel like the world can change for the better

with contributions from Alan Dunn, Safy Sniper, Andi Toma, Paolo Thorsen-Nagel and Cole Denyer and many more.

Healing music from Zappi Diermayer playing together with Schneider TM and NOHE NOSHE .

Remembering Gabi Delgado-Lopez.



DAF - Ein Bisschen Krieg

DAS (Delgado/Arbeit/Schneider) - Begrüssungsgeld

Scheider TM/Zappi Diermaier/NOHE NOSHE - care A indoor caravan
NOHE NOSHE - Immunsystem

Paolo Thorsen-Nagel - indoors (especially recorded for this show)

Pontic Music- Live-Two war dances by the pontic group  "Akrites tou Pontou"  Aspropyrgou

   serra dance

   dance of the knives

Andi Toma - Kurdistandihaninarin

Distortion Exhibition feat. Blue Kella Ashes (soundcloud) />

Safy Sniper - loliTaPe (video)

Zigaretten Rauchen - Du

Minimalabstand - Slowly Adapting 


The Orielles - Euro Borealis

Cole Denyer - Bud Flanagan song about sleeping rough

                  - two poems written by Cole in quarantene

                   - Verity Spott

A Sunny Day In Glasgow - Hey, You're Mine

Patrick Fitzgerald - Baby Sitter

Princess Superstar - Bad Babysitter

Caleon Fox - No Swag No Swag

Master Ace -

Geto Boys - Let A Hoe Be A Hoe

Eden - Sing It, Shitface

Quelle Chris -We Eat It

Kool Keith - New York City 

KiNK & Sierra Sam feat. Hollis p Monroe & Overnite - My Space 

Phase Porce - To Die For (Djax Up Records)

Bleed - So Neu

Safy Sniper - Remix A (excerpt)

Unknown Artist - The Bleep 1991

Alan Dunn - answering messages (excerpt)

Seen Links Schlösser Rechts - Gute Freunde

V/VM - Brabant Schroebbeler

DAF - Kinderfunk

The Mark E. Smith Guide To Writing Guide - Day By Day Breakdown, Greenwich Sound Radio 1983

The Fall - In My Area 

Swedish Magazines - Cat

Swedish Magazines - Company Boss

Sunday Service - Milk

Zeropunkt - Bitch Nails