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Elope Loop show. How long can you listen to one loop? Word Wall 2 preview.

05 November 2019
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Snookerloopy hoppers.

How long can you listen to one loop? Can sampling make gold out of tin?

Nose and loop appreciation show on this 5th of November, remember don’t remember.

Order no order.

Never ever last orders.

Word Wall 2 https://thewhitehotel.bigcartel.com/product/ww2-bomb-sniffing-dogs-ltd-edition-12-vinyl

words and narration by Austin Collings, music by By The Sea’s Liam Power, narration, music: eleni poulou

The One Show: eleni poulou, Several Wives & Swedish Magazines

Photos: Natalie Curtis

Artwork:Jason Vaughan

Pop Compilation:

available at the Pop record store, Yorckstr.




M Gun- "Walk With Me"

Steel Pole Bath Tub - "We Walk"

Jan Jelinek - "Moiré (Piano and Organ) from the album Loop-Finding -Jazz-Records

Ansgar Wilken - "Herold 1"

Peter Ablinger - "Regenstück 1-6 / 6 (3) (for percussion)

DBX -"Losing Control"

Sleezy D - "I've Lost Control"

Untold -"Bachelor's Delight"

Afrodeutsche - "Make The Call"

L.A.M. - "Toxic TV"

Bleed - "ilike"

Hoover1 - "Hoover 1-2B2" (Mr Speaker Mix)

Negativland -"More Data"

Monopoly Queen -"Let's Keep It Friendly"

Electric Eels -"Bunnies"

Eleni Poulou & Pyrolator feat. Lene - "Im Pop"

V/VM - "Snookerloopy"

Electric Eels - "Spin Age Blasters"

Jean Grae and Quelle Chris -"Gold Purple Orange"

Kool Keith - "New York"


idden track EVOL- "Ideal Acid"