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Elope Upper body language creamer and opener, UK/DE/GR/Portugal recipe for Witnesses

14 July 2020
  • Ambient
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  • Psych
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  • Dreamy
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  • Celebratory
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  • Informative

Elope with yourself and hear the new lockdown acceptance.

Best day of this year so far, no tears, til I found out that Osti hurt himself as I was telling him that his track is live on cashmere.

Healing wishes to Ost hope the urban cabinet finds a soothing substance.

50 year old man revisited, softness. Longing.

Wolfgang Seidel with who I make music from time to time had a similar idea to mine( give musicians instruments they have not played yet and record the results)

His project Slurge sees Burkhard Beins play bass.

He is at the same studio as Kaffe Mathews, whose new track Foreigner is the end opener.

Cole Denyer gives us England boiling.

Yes, please.

DJ Problemas asks bleep questions.

The Greek band The Rabbits comes back from the 60s comes back to look into the universe.

Through the connective power of the internet I found https://umbrog.bandcamp.com/ every song title makes the world a better place! More kids in bands please!

and through him https://meclaudius.bandcamp.com/

This show is dedicated to Simone Gilges and Vanessa Pitrik.



The Fall - 50 Year Old Man Version 1

By The Sea - Youth

Nico Ihlein - Ness

DJ Problemas - Tempo De Ir Para Casa

Me, Claudius - Back to the Sweat-Out Tower

Onoffmuzak - Smini the ongoingongone

Pressure Carcass album: PopTwins: Lavender Mask

Roots Manuvah - Witness The Fitness

The Rabbits - Looking To The Universe

The Illness - Phrases Redacted (with Bob Nastanovich)

Slurge (Wolfgang Seidel, Eric Bauer, Carina Khorkhordina, Burkhard Beins) - Slurge

Cole Denyer - Boiling England

Kaffe Mathews - Foreigner