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Embraceable Silence / Disappearing Mirror n.26: RIVERBED

29 August 2023
  • Ambient
  • Experimental
  • Field Recording
  • Electronic
  • Atmospheric
  • Delicate
  • Dreamy
  • Meditative
  • Psychedelic

A special show focused on my first solo gallery installation the weekend of 31/8 here in Berlin, called RIVERBED. To celebrate the installation I put together a special ensemble, Les Temps Englouti (featuring Carla Boregas and Edith Steyer), which will perform the evening of Sept. 2. This show is made up of a special playlist I put together for the ensemble, describing the sonic world we will be exploring while we play. Here is all the information about the show, if you are in Berlin this weekend please come by the frei-raum.berlin gallery and check it out!

31.08 – 03.09.


sixteen hours in four parts



by Eric Maltz

audio sculpture: sixteen hours in four parts.

– on view

31.08., 16-20h, Part1: 4h

01.09., 16-20h, Part2: 4h

02.09., 14-18h, Part3: 4h

03.09., 14-18h, Part4: 4h

02.09.2023, 19h start – space is limited!


19h Les Temps Englouti


Riverbed is a site-specific durational audio sculpture and the first solo gallery show by sound and land artist Eric Maltz.

Short recordings of the ambient noise in frei-raum.berlin are treated as if they were clay dug up from a river bed and shaped into an artifact, in the same way a vase or sculpture would be made. By using a specialized playback system, the illusion of a static sound object is created, giving corporality to sound waves and creating a river of time whose sameness one can almost touch twice.

This work explores time as the medium of sound. By capturing one, one captures both. It is not just sound that is sculpted and given body, but time; extending the present moment beyond average awareness. Riverbed playfully lives in the boundary between sound art and land art, creating a unique sounding landscape each day of the installation, where the listener is invited to stretch out, touch, and live inside the combination of two immaterial mediums: sound and time.

Saturday (02.09.) will see the inaugural performance of Les Temps Englouti, an ensemble which performs in the boundary between musical activity and the sounds of everyday life. The ensemble will interact with the Riverbed sound sculpture and accentuate the ambient atmosphere of frei-raum.berlin. Performing with the ensemble are musicians Carla Boregas (BR), Edith Steyer (DE), and Eric Maltz (US).

Eric Maltz (US) is a sound and land artist exploring the malleability of perception through durational performance and sound sculptures. Works include Sun Dial I (DCF77) (2022) a site specific land art installation and 8 Hours or 8 Minutes (2022) an eight hour 8 minute long durational synthesizer performance. Using duration as an expressive medium, Eric blurs the boundaries between art-time and life-time. Each work is a frame, a possibility for an artistic experience to bleed over into everyday life, and vice-versa.



1. Riverbed 1 – Les Temps Englouti
2. Inzell to Traismauer – Annea Lockwood
3. Cricket Voice – Hildegard Westerkamp
4. Music For The Eyes – Rolf Julius
5. Beneath the Forest Floor – Hildegard Westerkamp
6. Elemental I – Éliane Radigue
7. High Group – Eric Maltz
8. Fluxes – Cheryl E Leonard
9. Mission 1 – Joel Thome
10. Sun Dial I (DCF77) Part 3 – Eric Maltz