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Embraceable Silence / Disappearing Mirror n.28 – Earth Materials

23 October 2023
  • Ambient
  • Avant-Garde
  • Experimental
  • Minimal
  • Classical
  • Atmospheric
  • Dreamy
  • Exotic
  • Meditative
  • Playful

After some technical difficulty with my originally planned show, I regrouped and decided to present a series of compositions I made quite a while ago entitled Earth Materials. They are quite sparse in nature – utilizing the same set of sounds over and over again. These we an exercise in composing with Andrwe Culver's IC + TIC program which he created for John Cage. It is basically a computerized version of the I Ching technique Cage used to generate his chance operations. I used the program to create the forms for each of these pieces. There is something surprisingly organic about how they sound and came together, and this is the first time I've really listened to them in a complete set all the way through. I hope you enjoy!



Earth Materials 2B
Earth Materials 3
Earth Materials 4.5
Earth Materials 5
Earth Materials 1.5A
Earth Materials 1A
Earth Materials 6
Earth Materials 7.5
Earth Materials 2.5B
Earth Materials 8 x 2
Earth Materials 1A
Earth Materials 4