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Enchanted Rhythms #28 w/ Nollern Records

5 May 2018

Nollern was born in the deepest darkest depths of Nollendorfplatz as a platform for creating and sharing trippy, interesting, unconventional music; music without boundaries. In the absence of Enchanted Rhythms, Eff_El, D.C. Ops and Dan Beaven are at the controls as Nollern Records on his show at Cashmere radio. They present the project, music from the label – including unreleased and forthcoming Nollern tracks – and records that represent the Nollern sound. Find Nollern on Facebook / Soundcloud / Bandcamp.



Pre-Order: Eck001 “The Tee Up”

Attend: DBRS: Ecke Records Launch Party with Future Beat Alliance

Next show 2nd June with Enchanted Rhythms and Jonny Counce from Ecke Records


[03:58] Eff_El - Unreleased


[11:18] Ed Chamberlain - Zarathustra

[15:54] Eff_El - Unreleased

[27:54] Shackleton - Silver Keys


[47:00] Buckfunk 3000 - There is life on Mars

[52:38] Nollern ( Eff_El & Dan Beaven) - Tuberoom Remix ( NOL02)


[1:23:15] Ed Chamberlain - Charly


[1:17:21] Nollern - SItar Pro / Forthcoming on Ecke Records

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