Weekly Schedule (CET)

Enchanted Rhythms #36 with special guest Xantrax

15 December 2018
  • Breakbeat
  • UK Garage
  • Electro
  • Electronic
  • Druggy
  • Atmospheric
  • Psychedelic

For the first show of the 4th year on Cashmere radio Enchanted Rhythms invites Marseille’s Liar Bird collective affiliated deejay and producer Xantrax. In addition to releases on Circular Jaw & 8MANA he is half of the production duo Squallfront, who have just had their first on the offbeat centred Ecke Records, a label which Xantrax co-runs with Johnny Counce, a regular guest on the Enchanted Rhythms show. The selectors will continue with the same format of recent past shows, playing back to back to find some common cohesive language with their records. Expect to hear druggy, banging breakbeat driven dance music. Make sure to check out Xantrax on Soundcloud.

Next show Saturday 12th January 19:30-21:00 with special guest Ethel (RA+RE)

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