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Estimuloshow #30 – Italian House Special w/ Estimulo

14 May 2020

Havent done one of those italian mixes in a little while, so here it is, long overdue.

The objective was to pick records that have not been reissued in the ItaloHouse Reissue Mania that has been going on as of late.

I hope you enjoy this trip through mediterranean vibes of the early 90s.


Chicco Secci Project - Whip Of The Rhythm (Pianopella Version) [Creative Records]
Out Wave - Unstoppable (Underground Dub) [Creative Label]
Spirit - Niteflite [Creative Label]
Tony Carrasco - Transparenza (Scat Vox Mix) [Disco Magic]
Marco Polo - Need U Now (Ministry Mystery Remix) [GPR]
Gardener - Geranio (Balcone Version) [Pay In Kind Records]
F.I.T.Z. - Raw Power [Atmo]
Mistiness - Remember (Loop Instrumental) [Antima Records]
Hulusi - Dream (Effigy) [B.B.Records]
No Use - Squonq DM 6:45 (Groove Remix) [Oversky Records]
Cool Thing - Waves (Mystical Mix) [New Age]
Steve Banzara - Black (Jungle Vrs) [Oversky Records]
Overflow - Tell Me (626 Jazz Mix) [New Age]
Balance - The Dance (Gardaland In The Afternoon) [In Lite]
M.C.J. Featuring Sima - (To Yourself) Be Free (Underground Mix) [X-Energy Records]
Fidelfatti - Next Love [Discomagic]
Moz-Art & Master Freez - Let The Music Move Me (Underground Mix) [Onizom Music]
Travis Nelson - Me And You (Bellman) [Planet Records]
Do It! Featuring Red Ronnie - Be For Bebop (The Ultimate Kekkotronics Soft Version) [Irma CasaDiPrimordine]
EDN - Don't Make Me Wait (Dream Version) [UMM]
Latin Blood - Deseo (Hot Wind Mix) [Flying Records]
Marascia - Alone Away (...And The Strings Goes On Remix) [ACV]
Absolute II - Don't You Wanna Be Mine (Instrumental) [Outer Rhythm]
The White Fluid - Victim Of Obsession (U.K. Underground Mix) [UMM]

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