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Experimental Radio Practice – Ritual-Political #2 interview w/ Franco ‘Bifo’ Berardi by Francis Sosta

02 April 2021
  • Arts & Culture
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  • Meditative
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RITUAL/POLITICAL is a series of radio-rituals that addresses the medium of Radio as metaphysical-space for a new kind of virtual togetherness, exchange of knowledge, and connectiveness by listening. Francis Sosta initiated the project at the beginning of COVID-19 to reflect on how the social limitations would affect the cultural and political access in the present and future. Ritual/Political is a series of radio-rituals that aims to rethink the very tools of communication of our cognitive capitalism, reclaiming technology as space for transformation. It identifies in the transmission and amplification of the signal, proper of the Radio medium, the possible metaphysical space where to foster a practice of critical awareness, of coming-together and healing in times of crisis, of reshaping resilience otherwise, by listening. It aims to reclaim the space for political, cultural and social confrontation that is neglected due to the current limitations against the spread of the pandemics, by providing tools, insights, and testimonials that might help to navigate the current crisis from different perspectives. It provides an access to a shared temporality generated by listening, by being connected yet separated, practicing ritual-making, to reintroduce integration and transformation in our lives.


RITUAL/POLITICAL works as a spell, a divination practice that doesn’t tell the future, but sees in the radio the generative locus for the sharing of a new language; and in the listening the practice of attunement and connection needed to activate processes of collective change. It interrogates the systems of radio’s broadcasting and diffusion to be the medium for forwarding this message of change and hope.



Francis Sosta is a performer, sonic artist, and curator. Her practice deals with listening as a generative process, embodiment, and ritual-making as political and collective regenerative social practice.


Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/francis_sosta


Instagram : Francis Sosta


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