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Experimental Radio Practice – Score For Memory Palace by Ben Glas

02 April 2021
  • Ambient
  • Avant-Garde
  • Arts & Culture
  • Hypnotic
  • Meditative
  • Strange

Score For a Memory Palace is a meditative composition based on an ancient mnemonic tool dubbed “the Method Of Loci”. The “Method Of Loci” is the practice of recalling events, objects or persons through a spatial mnemonic visualization. The practitioner would envision a space they know well and would place what they desired to remember within this introspective visualization. Ancient Greco and Roman philosophers, statesmen and orators would mentally construct a space in their mind and place these events, objects or persons in their “memory palace” via the abstract objectification of said memories. Other names and variants for this memory technique are called “the Roman Room” or “the Journey Method”. This composition will set listeners up for a deep listening experience and the chance to compose their own perception using this technique.


Ben Glas (b. 1992) is an experiential composer based in Berlin. Through ephemeral compositions Glas’ work questions preconceived notions between the acts of passive hearing and active listening. In seeking to discover open ended forms of music and pragmatic listening perspectives, Glas’ compositions focus on the realms of subjective perception and cognition, via the use of acoustics, psychoacoustics and space as tools for sonic composition. His work has been exhibited and performed in spaces all around the world, including the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art (PICA), Glasgow’s Radiophrenia festival, the Soundwave Biennial (SF) and the Czong Institute for Contemporary Art (CICA). He is currently receiving his M.A. in Sonic Studies at the UdK



Website: thankyouforyourunderstanding.com

IG: @thankyouforyourunderstanding


Photo credit: Daniela Schwab

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