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Fantasy Fiction #38 w/ Shameless Limitless & PAWS+

19 July 2021

Kevin Halpin from Shameless Limitless joins us in studio at Cashmere HQ to talk about his new book Please Come: Shameless / Limitless—Selected Posters & Texts 2008–2020 and share some tracks that have soundtracked the last 12 years of the party series.

PAWS takes us through the first third the show.

Please Come: Shameless/Limitless Selected Posters & Texts 2008–2020 is a 536-page brick of a book. It charts the history of Shameless/Limitless, a Berlin promoter whose trajectory has paralleled (is responsible for?) the establishment of the most recent iteration of the city’s DIY music scene.

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PAWS+//Pink & White Terraces

Green Grove - B (A Poet)
Zenmenn - The Magic Eye
JJ Cale - Wish I Had Not Said That
Bobbie Lovesong - Organic Orange
Scribble - River
Diana Tribute - (You Don't Know) Kenny
Bullion - Heaven Is Over
Asphixiation - Aural Risk
CV Vision - In Time


Shameless Limitless

Sean Nicholas Savage - She Looks Like You
Molly Nilsson - A Slice of Lemon
Ménage à Trois - Hey

Alex Cameron - Miami Memory
Rangleklods - Enklave
Ultraflex - Never Forgot My Baby
Copyright Linda Fox - I Tripped Out Of FLUX
Bad Hammer - Mystified
infinite bisous - Brain
Better Person - I Wake Up Tired
TOPS - Colder & Closer
Sam Vance-Law - Let’s Get Married
Skiing - Blue Hydrangeas
City Dragon - Magic Cup
Early Labyrinth - Pillaging The Ripe Orchads of Faith
Alexander Winkelann - Babies

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