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Fantasy Fiction Fantasy Fiction #40 w/ PAWS+

10 October 2021

Locked up in paradise with PAWS+

A meandering mix made whilst in quarantine in New Zealand.

….odds and ends, scraps from the harddrive & dodgy youtube rips.


Toreador del Amor - Tuxedomoon
Brute Monde - Mercedes Cambridge
Floating the Flood - Nic Arizona
Pure (No. 2) - Peter Gutteridge
What You Didn' - LEATHER IMAGE
Black Sillk Stocking - Krisma
Die in Seconds - Automatenfall
The Decaying Matter Ov Family Love - Genesis P-Orridge With Splinter Test
El Paso Del Tiempo - Silueta Palida
Euroman - Jean-Jacques Burnel
Lowdown - Wire
Eastern Bloc - Sheriff Lindo and the Hammer
Junkyard Dub 1 - The Tarts
Midnight Cleaners - The Cleaners from Venus
In September - Lena Platonos
Persian Carpet in Reverse - Kitchen Cynics
Breast Stroke - Flaming Tunes

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