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Fantasy Fiction Fantasy Fiction #46 w/ Pieter Kock

05 May 2022
  • Arts & Culture
  • Jazz
  • Laid-Back
  • Uplifting

Pieter Kock aka Dj Peacock joined the Fantasy Fiction gang for this show taking the reins for the whole hour and a half. Pieter is proprietor of Berlin’s beloved bar O Tannenbaum and a musician and Dj dealing in a variety of sounds and genres that span territories from Hard Techno to left field Jazz and everything in between. This mix walks a good country mile with a laid back strut that wouldn’t be out of place in a forest near you. Perfect music for the summer weather season!

Artwork: Rachael Tarravechia

Pieter Radio Show - Image Rachael Tarravechia .jpg


Featuring Tracks From:

Eleventeen Eston

Dionys Breukers

Arto Lindsay

Enno Velthuys

Det Elektriske Kjøkken

Pieter Kock

Hans Dulfer

Miles Davis

Gato Barbieri

Otis G. Johnson

Neil Young

R. Stevie Moore