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Fictions #11 with Gigsta – The FM Special

21 February 2017

    After the Lyn Collins Break show last month, here is an FM special. I selected productions inspired by broadcasting, tunes incorporating hosting samples and i’ve also made some collages of various radio recordings. As usual, i put a lot of thought in the tracklist but I didn’t want this show to feel like a lesson. I tried to make it sound like the experience of switching from one station to the other. There is no need to listen to this show closely. You can, if you want to. But you’re also invited to enjoy a cocktail at the bar, cook a cool meal, drive a green car, have a sweat in the fitness studio or hug your hamster.



    1. The assistant - 7 Radio Voices - Woodland Memory - Prauske Metro

    2. Boards of Canada – Gyroscope - Geoggaddi album : « ... a severely sonically mangled kid or young woman slowly counts out numbers with what sounds like heavy concentration. It’s been pointed out that this sound is reminiscent of number stations – shortwave radio stations of unknown origin that seem to transmit coded messages using music and recited letters and numbers, associated with spies. » Adam Harper, Hauntology, The Past Inside The Present: http://rougesfoam.blogspot.de/2009/10/hauntology-past-inside-present.html

    3. Lee Eel – Message From Lee Eel – Absolutely Wino Compilation

    4. Belbury Poly - Farmer’s Angle - The Willows
    caféé allongèè

    5. Animal Collective – Father Time – Centipede Hz – 2012
    This album was influenced by radio commercials and station identification announcements which was reflected in the use of interferences and white noise.

    6. Home-made collage using abstracts of recordings which came out via Sublime Frequencies
    SF002 - Radio Java CD
    SF021 - Radio Sumatra: The Indonesian FM Experience CD
    SF044 - Radio Myanmar (Burma) CD
    SF086 - Radio Niger CD
    SF095 - Radio Vietnam CD
    + one for the thursday night crew

    7. Exile - Radio - Plug Research
    « This album was made from 100% LA Radio Waves and an MPC 2000XL »

    8. Soulphiction – When Radio Was Boss – Pampa

    9. Powder – Heart - Cocktail d’Amore
    "What are you gonna do ? Take me off the air ? We're LIVE!"

    10. Marcel Dettmann – Radio – MDR
    A-side was entitled "Transistor."

    11. Stefan Gubatz – Radio – Telrae

    12. Mannerfelt / Haydo - Radio Mohave – Avian

    13. The Black Dog – Set To Receive – Radio Scarecrow

    14. Four Tet – Beautiful Rewind – Buchla
    Beautiful Rewind, and especially the track Kool FM, were meant to be a homage to London pirate radio’s egalitarian potential.

    15. Champion - Kool FM
    "Smashing it up, big big big, styley!"

    16. Special Request – Soul music - Houndstooth
    "Woolford has spoken before about his search for what he calls an illicit quality in music, a feeling that made pirate radio so exciting in the '90s." https://www.residentadvisor.net/reviews/13718

    17. Grain – Untitled - B2 / B3 - 1999
    "One element that sets Grain apart from these producers is an overt use of humour. As is customary with Grain, each of his releases feature hilarious, Jerky Boys-style telephone wind-ups." https://fat-cat.co.uk/artist/grain#

    18. Tim Hecker – I’m Transmitting tonight – Mille Plateaux - 2003

    19. An album of musical radionic thought frequencies
    Tracks on the album were named: « Heal Chakras », « Release the Imprint of Club Music (Love Letter) [Love] », « Peter Send Me Money so I Can Fix the Boat You Promised », « Social Media ("More Friends") » :)

    20. Aleks Jurczyk - Footfalls
    « A footfall was synthesised and broadcast on FM with the received broadcast then routed back through a modular synthesiser » The Wire, February 2017?

    21. Unearthed From Airwaves: S* - Flore – Thomas Philipp remix)
    The textures on the whole album sound <<<333

    22. Terre Thaemlitz – Superbonus – Comatonse recordings
    See also, DJ Sprinkles trans-sister radio. s/o to Eradj on this 1