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Fictions #12 with Gigsta – The Kneipe Special

21 March 2017
  • Ambient
  • Disco
  • Experimental
  • Funk/Soul
  • House
  • Atmospheric
  • Celebratory
  • Flowing
  • Intense
  • Playful

In April, i’ll be away so Johanna Knutsson and Kate Miller will take over for me with a double High Power FM show. In anticipation, I played 4 hours this month and took this as an opportunity to do on air, something that I have been doing once in a while on the weekend in the last 18 months.

Kneipe is a bar in German.

Most bars in Berlin have 2 turntables and some of them are happy to have DJs playing records over the weekend. There is this place just down my street called B-Lage who first had me and this has been extremely helpful to me in so many ways. Ever since, i played there more or less every month and I also started playing in some other Kneipes. It’s been an amazing experience having five hours for me during which I could share my weirdest records with people just having a nice relaxed time. But the fact that people do (very often) not dance, does not mean that playing in bars doesn’t come with a series of constraints and this residency has also told me a lot about what to play when and for whom.

Here is what I did in the studio in Lichtenberg while friends of Fictions or friends of Cashmere or friends of Cocktails were sipping and chatting ! Enjoy and see you all in May xxx




1. Amen Ra and Octaviour – Gateway
2. Clara Mondshine – High Moon Enters Heaven
3. Gang Gang Dance – Glass Jar
4. Amen Ra – Surrender
5. Don Froth - A Broad Range (Widescreen Mix)
6. Cutty Ranks – Wo Se Me Dun
7. Ishan Sound – A Wa Yu Want (Instrumental)
8. Mara Dee – Phinda Mzi
9. George Clinton - Atomic Dog
10. Hot & Cold Sweat – Meet Me At The Gogo
11. Macattack – Art Of Drums
12. Tullio De Piscopo – Drums – Afro Jazz
13. Tullio De Piscopo – Stop Banjon
14. Cubalooba – Raggalooba (Winston Hazel & Rossman’s Refix)
15. Fizzy Veins – Go Home
16. Wah Wah Wino – Buzzard
17. Over The Hill – Acid Rasta
18. Scott Young – Homeless
19. Wareika Hill Sounds - Proverbs Dub
20. Uélé kalambubu – Makélé
21. Missa Luba – Ebu Ewale Kemai
22. Akofa Akoussah – I Tcho Tchass
23. Lyn Collins – Women’s Lib
24. Emma Baloka – Let’s Love Each Other
25. Ibo Combo – Mateau (Trio Select)
26. Yta Jourias – Adome Nyueto
27. Amas Slow – Down
28. Accapellas – Xcuse me Mr DJ
29. DAF - Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ?
30. Pino d’Angio – Ma Quale Idea
31. Snacks - Purdie
32. Taxie – Rock Don’t Stop
33. Tantra - Wishbone
34. Donna Summer - I feel Love
35. Jah Wobble – How Much Are They ?
36. Raja Zahr – Drum Sequence
37. Tullio De Piscopo – Drum Fantasy
38. Willow – Follow Me
39. Bokeh Versions – IfUWantMe
40. Emperor T - Macka Step Dub
41. Bookworms – African Rhythms
42. Steel n skin – Reggae Is Here Once Again
43. Ibrahim Hamma Dicko – Sida (Grappa Mix)
44. General Ludd – Burning Mack
45. African Head Charge – Stebeni’s Theme
46. Ackie – Call Me Rambo
47. King Tubby – Everybody Needs Dub
48. UB40 – The Earth Dies Screaming
49. Dominique Dumont – Une Bataille de neige – B2 ?
50. Screamadelica – Inner Flight
51. Grain - Untitled

NB: every track comes from my record collection except for the last one, which i haven't acquired yet and which is also a hint to Fictions 11 dedicated to broadcasting and radio.