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Fictions #15 with Gigsta – The Crowd Noise Special

12 September 2017
  • Ambient
  • Deep House
  • Dub
  • Grime
  • House
  • Atmospheric
  • Celebratory
  • Dreamy
  • Intense
  • Laid-Back


One trademark of the Cashmere shows is probably the (more or less) discreet crowd noise appearing on the recordings when the mic is open. The sounds of people enjoying music (and cocktails, woeps) in the studio are as much a trademark of the station as our lovely jingles. These noises have also inspired producers from deep house to grime via ambient and tribal.

Mea culpa: unfortunately the recording is slightly distorted due to technical issues. We are currently working on setting up a new system to compress and broadcast and things aren’t exactly perfect yet.

Credits: The cover pictures a lil bit how I feel when any impressive techno dude looks down on me (always) and I just want to hide behind a sleeve (forever). Fortunately, this is only our Pep with gratifying me with a benevolent look just after I recorded my show. Big shouts to the whole TVS fam on this Fictions and especially to the Nagababa. Thanks to Angus and Emil for contributing with a brand new jingle, to Konstantin for sending me his very interesting piece, to Jeff for inspiring me with suggestions and to whole Cashmere crew for building an amazing new studio and supporting me each and every time.



Moodyman – Sunday Morning
Nagababa - Trippy Track
Floating Points – King Bromeliad
Hubble – Side A
Haddon – Not Coming To The Club
Dragutesku – Bacovia
Villalobos – Widodo
Actress – Runner
Pangaea – Devotion
Todd Terry – Back To The Beat
Farben – Kader Dolls
Konstantin Grachev – Voice Of The Masses
Airhead – Cristobal
DJ Nigga Fox – 15 barras
Harmonius Thelemonius – On Stages
Gaunt - Crowd Noise
Mook – Groovestreet
Marcel Dettmann – Shelter (Fünf)