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Fictions #17 – The Long Monologue

06 November 2017
  • Collage
  • Talk Show
  • Hörspiel
  • Meditative
  • Hypnotic
  • Strange

After the 7inch special, Fictions is back this month with a long (almost non-stop) monologue. I’m not the one to talk though, it’s the tracks, they are chatty. Some might say electronic music does not feature lyrics, or if so there are just samples. But this special edition is going somewhere else … A selection featuring spoken words, poems or improbable mantras. Like an infinite cut-up dAda monologue of some sort.

Fictions 17 - The Long Monologue


Rabit – Possessed
Bryozone – Purim
Photek – Glamourama
Sneaker – Holistical
Ion Ludwig - Whiskey In An Icejar
Andy Kolwes - YSL
Man Power - HDS
Shamos - Untitled (Stomp & Words Mix) Feat. Tashia B
The Fool Stone – Nonversation (Trevor Single remix)
UC From The Drop (Gramrcy edit)
Surgeon – Disinvectant Dislocant
Mass-X-Odus – Gang Wars
Chino Amobi – Law I (The City In The Sea)
The Poet – Alan Johnson