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Fictions #20 w/ Gigsta – The Laughing Special

27 February 2018
  • Bass Music
  • Techno
  • Poetry
  • Bombastic
  • Quirky
  • Strange

This month’s Fictions is taking the oblique theme of “laughing” to explore Gigsta’s acoustic curiosities and musical fantasies.



Pink Floyd - Speak To Me
Loleatta Holloway - Stand Up! (Pangaea's Mix)
Total Control - Laughing At The system
Arbeid Adelt - Het Meisje Van Mijn Hart
Laurel Halo - Moontalk
Mick - Macho Brother
Dj sprinkles - Stand Up
Lokane - Wings
Laraaji - Bring On The Sun
Wolfgang Tillmans - Hihihi Hee
Errorsmith - Who-is
DJ Polo - Multiple Palm Tree Emojis
DJs Pareja - La Risa
Winx - Don't Laugh (Raw Mix)
Chris Moss Acid - Joker
Ansome – Fisherman's Friend
SMF – Haha
Terror Danjah - Frontline
CK Pelligrini – Mr Laugh
DJ Marcelle – To Reveal The Secret
DJ Marcelle - To The Right
Total Control – Her Majesty Budgy