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Fictions #25 w/ Gigsta – The Cosmos Special

11 September 2018

In 1977, NASA launched two spacecraft, Voyager 1 and 2, on a grand tour of the solar system. Attached to each of these probes is a beautiful golden record containing a message for any extraterrestrial intellignce that might encounter it, perhaps billion of years from now. 

Gigsta acquired the recently commercialised copy of the record with greetings, sounds and music of planet earth. For this edition of Fictions, she played some of these tracks, read some of its texts and transmitted further – adding her own thoughts and suggesting some subjective selection.


1.Johanna Knutsson – Nachtdigital Flex (B) - Kann
2.Greetings From Kurt Walheim
3.Guan Pinghu – Liu Shui (Flowing Streams)
4.Greetings in 55 Languages
5.Kamil Jalilov – Mugam
6.Mahu Musicians of Benin – Cengumé
7.Mina – Brava
8.Stravinsky – The Rite Of Spring
9.Beethoven – Symphony no5
10.United Nations Greetings/Whale Songs
11.Tomoko Sauvage – In Some Brighter Sphere
12.Jostein Gaarder – Sophie’s World
13.Sounds of Earth
14.Sounds of Snow
15.Geräusche in Stereo für Dia und Film – Menschliches – Klangatmosphäre
16.Lil’ Louis – French Kiss
17.X-102 – Descending To The Surface
18.Photek – Rings of Saturn
19.E-Unity – Neutrino
20.Mala – Anti War Dub
21.Sun Ra – Somewhere in Space
22.Chuck Berry – Johnny B Goode
23.Pavement – Gold Soundz
24.Public Enemy – Countdown To Armageddon
25.Beyoncé – Drunk in Love (as played in Lotic’s Damsel in Distress)
26.Meredith Monk – Dolmen Music (Moa Pillar edit)

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