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Fictions #28 w/ Gigsta – The Free Music Special

4 December 2018

Freebie records, Bandcamp goodies, Soundcloud DLs and good-cause compilations, this month’s edition of Fictions sees Gigsta bringing together a selection of “free” tracks. 

Picture by Mailie Viney


Lo Kindre - Breathless
Georgia - Pey Woman (Reckonwrong’s Festive Noodle)
Celestial Trax - Drowning In A Dream
AFX - avril 14th reversed music not audio
Peder Mannerfelt - Social Baseline
Hossam Ramzy - Ya Sha Eyya On Shlaga Drums (Lemonick Bootleg)
Strick - Smoke Detection (James Bangura Re-Fix)
JX Cannon - Tool
Smagghe & Cross - Orbt Edit
Stark Effect - Eeples and Beeneenees
Koyote - Puffing On The Pipe
Jowaa - Bakazobaa
Pedro - No Chao
Todd Terry - Bango (Mike Q Remix)
Resla - Nitro
Moa Pillar - Skepta edit
Nesstrak x perro sucio (conejx edit 2)
Ziùr - Damage-Relate
Kingdom - Terror Danjah - Right Now (Kingdom Edit)
Drummer B - Timesquare (What Dat Jxxy Bout feat. Dope Head)
LSDXOXO - Fentanyl
Famous Eno - Shake The Club
[-] - Kéter
Debmaster - hauts-de-france
Bearcat - BLUEBEAR
Mala - Changes (edit)
Clara! Sin Maoupa - Ruge (DJ Cohen Gets Busy Edit)

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